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The best damn cookies in Austin, Texas. Bro-made from scratch.

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Hey, I’m Kurtis – Tesla engineer by day, serial baker by night. 

My twin brother, Eric, and I started this business because we decided that you deserve better.

Tiff’s. Insomnia. Crumbl. Even your grandma. They all make “good cookies”, but none of them make “fucking amazing cookies.”

Our cookies are fucking amazing. 

We’re happy you get to try them.

- Kurty

new flavors every month!

Every month, we drop a new collection with 3 new flavors. The collection only goes out ONCE – usually the 3rd Friday of the month. Grab it before it’s gone!


What the people say

You're missing out if you still buy cookies from Tiff's and Insomnia. They're not even close.
Morgan Pierce
Dude your cookies are the best damn cookies I've ever had. Don't tell my gf though cause she's baked me some before!
javier valles
Javier Valles
Out of 5
I don't know if the engineering background has anything to do with this, but these are the most perfectly crafted cookies I've ever had in my life. And it's not even close.
Emily brown
These cookies got me laid. More than once.
Imad Jbarra


Honestly, for fun. And I was also tired of the abysmal cookie selection that Austin had to offer. Check out the about page to learn more.

Oh boy – buckle up.

First, everything is made from scratch with real ingredients. No preservatives or any of that shit – Grandma would be proud.

Second, we bake them FRESH to order, and we do it OURSELVES.  Unlike the big guys who have a teenager finger them out of the freezer.


We could go on, but the difference between us and the big guys is like asking the difference between Burger King & Hopdoddy.

Each month, we include 6 of our HUGE, drool-worthy cookies in 3 unique flavors. The flavors will match the theme of that month!

All orders are delivered on the 3rd Friday of the month unless otherwise specified. But don’t worry, we’ll keep you posted via text/email!

We recommend eating your cookies as soon as possible for best quality. If you need to save some, place them in an airtight container and they’ll keep just fine for 3-4 days. Any longer and you should freeze them or order more! 😉

We bake out of a certified commercial kitchen in Austin, Texas!

Yes! Submit a contact form here, and we’ll take care of you.

If you were born with taste buds that disagree with the laws of science, that’s your fault, not ours. Kidding. But if you do have a truly unpleasant experience, let us know! And we will work to make it right.

Do you? If so, click here and fill out our contact form!

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