not "just cookies"

We aren’t gonna sit here spilling an emotional monologue about how our cookies transcend love itself.

But the truth is that we do things differently than the big guys. A lot differently.

Click on a few below:

Made from Scratch

No cookie clones here! Our cookies are lovingly crafted from scratch with REAL ingredients and NO preservatives. Each one is as unique a snowflake, except warm, gooey, and delicious.

Never-Frozen Dough

No cryogenics for our dough! Unlike the big guys, we use FRESH dough every time. And yes, trust us, it makes a huge difference.

Fresh from the Oven

Not the heating lamp! We wouldn’t dare subject our dear cookies to the tanning bed treatment!

Exciting Flavors

Picture this: you’re a cookie in a cookie universe. Our cookies are the ones you’d want to to share your crumbs with. Cookies that give you something to look forward to!

Made by the Founders

We have nothing against teenagers making minimum wage, but who would you rather have baking your cookies? Who do you think will do a better job?

“We started this business as a passion project – something fun that we could do together other than play Fortnite.

We both have full time jobs, but are determined to give the people of Austin what they deserve: cookies so good they’ll make your grandma jealous.

We hope you love eating them as much as we love making them for you.”

Twins & Founders of Kurty's Cookies